MultiPass Disarmed

Do not bother with Basic Authentication ever again !

Now on Firefox and spyware-free !

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Automatic basic authentication

This extension allows you to register credential associated to a regular expression.

When you browse a website that requires HTTP basic authentication, if the URL match against one of the regular expression, the credentials will be automatically sent.

No more cumbersome login popin, everything is done in the background.

Firefox Add-ons

The extension is available on Firefox Add-ons: MultiPass Disarmed for HTTP basic auth.

Chrome web store

The extension is available on the Chrome web store: MultiPass Disarmed for HTTP basic auth.

Opera add-ons

The extension is available as an Opera add-on: MultiPass.

Manual installation

In the meantime, you can download the latest release on GitHub and install it manually: Latest MultiPass Disarmed release on GitHub.

Report an issue

If you want to report an issue, use the Github issue tracker: MultiPass Disarmed issues.

Please make sure the issue is not already opened.

Use the development version

If you want to use the development version, follow those steps :

  1. Clone the github repository : git clone
  2. Enter the directory : cd MultiPassDisarmed.
  3. Install dependencies : npm install.
  4. Build the extension : npm run build.
  5. Open the Extension panel in Chrome : Tools / Extensions.
  6. Make sure the "Developer mode" checkbox is checked.
  7. Click on "Load unpacked extension...", first browse to the directory where you cloned the extension and then select the build/chrome folder.


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